Volume 29 No.2


Corporate Social Responsibility and Investment Efficiency: Evidence From an Emerging Asian Market

Author:  Ming-Te Lee

Corporate Social Responsibility and Earnings Management: Evidence From Controversial and Non-Controversial Sectors in Asia

Author: Eugene Burgos Mutuc, Jen-Sin Lee, and Fu-Sheng Tsai

The Effects of External Stakeholder Pressure on CSR Disclosure: Evidence from Indonesia

Author: Anisa Ramadhini, Desi Adhariani, and Chaerul D. Djakma

Determinants of Tax Morale using Structural Equation Model (SEM)

Author:  Raymond S. Pacaldo and Rodiel C. Ferrer

Effect of Moderating Variables: Financial Leverage and Dividend Pay-out of Publicly-Listed Property Sector of the Philippines

Author:  Harrison Kendrick L. Chun, Cynthia P. Cudia, Tristan Dranel M. Papa, Raveena S. Tahilramani and Althea R. Tan

Determinants of Firm’s Internals & Macroeconomic Factors on Financial Performance of Ethiopian Insurers

Author:  Kishor Chandra Meher and Temesgen Zewudu

On Extreme Perception Bias

Author:  Imelda Molina, Emerico Aguilar, and Klarizze Anne Puzon

A Productivity Assessment of PWD Employees in a Philippine Company

Author:  Rosemary R. Seva

Japanese and Filipino College Students as Consumers: Does Country of Origin Affect Their Purchase Intent?

Author:  Reynaldo Bautista, Jr., Takanori Osaki, and Luz Suplico Jeong

A Test of the Generalized Yunus Equation and its Implications for Microcredit in the Philippines

Author:  Jasmin-Mae Santos Luy

Fiscal Policy and Stock Market Movement in the Philippines

Author:  Deborah Kim S. Sy

Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises (Umkm) Customer Trust Based On Experiential Marketing And Relation In The Tourism Areas In West Java

Author:  Henny Utarsih, Yuyus Suryana, Sucherly, Diana Sari

Analysis Of The Acceleration Of Inclusive Economic Development In North Sulawesi Province (Input-Output Approach)

Author:  Indah Elychia Samuel, Maryunani, Dwi Budi Santoso, Susilo

The Impact Of Leadership And Motivation On Innovative Work Behavior / Is Working From Home Really More Innovative?

Author: Dhyah Mutmainnah, Tjutju Yuniarsih, Disman, Janah Sojanah, Muji Rahayu, Iman Sidik Nusannas

Effect of Self-Efficacy And Employee Engagement On Employee Performance In The Covid-19 Pandemic Era (Study At A National Private Bank In Bandung)

Author: Iman Sidik Nusannas, Tjutju Yuniarsih, Disman,Janah Sojanah, Dhyah Mutmainnah, Muji Rahayu