Volume 29 No.1


Does Being Old Mean Being Poor? Evidence from Thailand

Authors: Isabel Pereira Rodrigues and Kittipong Rueanthip


The Competence Of Foreign Direct Investment In Explaining Income Inequality In Indonesia (An Empirical Study Using Error Correction Model)

Authors: Sukma Indra


Competitiveness Traders In Traditional Market: Sustainability Local Government Policy

Authors: Neneng Siti Maryam,Heru Nurasa,Mohammad Benny Alexandri,Yogi Suprayogi Sugandi


Long Term under Performance IPO and Financial Distress (Empirical Study of Indonesia Stock Exchange) 

Authors: Dhaha Praviandi Kuantan,Hermanto Siregar,Solikin M Juhro


The Role Of Organizational Well-Being To Increase Organizational Commitment And Work Engagement For University

Authors: Sukma Rani,Hendriati Agustiani,Maya Rosmayati Ardiwinata, R. Urip Purwono


The Role Of Conflict Signaling The Employee: Evidence From Government Hospital In Indonesia

Authors: Furtasan Ali Yusuf