Authors: Mangasi Sinurat1, Rumiris Siahaan2, Rico Nur Ilham3

Year: 2019, Volume 28 No. 3
Pages: 109-112


Cryptocurrency Quasi cooperative refers to a condition when the cooperative is not a cooperative. The legal cooperative is bound to the basic principles of cooperatives and the prevailing laws and regulations. Thus it is quite easy to find and recognize a quasi cooperative. If a cooperative does not implement the basic principles of cooperatives and not in accordance with applicable legislation, then the cooperative can be categorized as a quasi cooperative. The inability of the cooperative as a self-help organization is partly due to the non involvement of members in the decision making process and the preparation of cooperative programs. Member participation is only taken into account when attending Annual Members Meeting (RAT), paying cooperative deposits, and making transactions with cooperatives. The implementation of cooperative activities and businesses is more dominated by the management and managers who seem to know what is best for the cooperative.Currently there are many cooperative management patterns applied in almost all companies including some state owned enterprises that have applied the concept of profit sharing and employee participation, namely moving the participation of workers/employees in corporate decision making, especially related to the principle of profit and risk sharing. The purpose of this study is to reduce the negative impact of quasi cooperatives that greatly make big losses for the community as members of the cooperative who trust the pattern of management. This study uses Literature study methods collected from previous studies on the pattern of cooperative management and the influence of trust members of the cooperative on the development of cooperatives in Indonesia. The results of this study indicate that many quasi cooperatives that flourish in Indonesia develops and this is due to the level of trust members of the cooperative against the quasi cooperative. It is hoped that this research will be one of the sources of comparison for all components of cooperative managers who have been given trust by members, in order not to run things that mengarhkan cooperatives managed to be a quasi cooperative, because of course this will be bad for the development of cooperatives in Indonesia.

Keywords : Quasi cooperative, trust, cooperative management pattern

JEL Classifications: E2, L4, O3