Authors: M. Meki munawar, Ratih Huriyati, Vanessa Gaffar, Senny Handayani Suarsa
Year: 2020, Volume 29 No.3


Food and beverage (F & B) are the primary needs of people. In the hand of creative people, they can become profitable businesses. Furthermore, these profits are used by the owners to expand their company. Therefore, society will recognize this company as a business performer. To realize it, moreover, this study utilizes co-creation value and product innovation as the determinants of business performance. This study intends to investigate and analyze the effect of co-creation value and product innovation on business performance. The samples consist of 60 culinary business owners in West Java, taken by the purposive sampling method. Furthermore, we employ an online survey by distributing questionnaires to collect their response. The variables-related data; hence, are examined by the structural equation model based on variance. Overall, this study declares that co-creation value and product innovation own a positive effect on business performance. Based on this evidence, both the applied and academic suggestions gets presented in the last section of this manuscript.

Keywords: Business Performance, Co-Creation Value, Product Innovation

JEL Classifications: A2, C1, F2